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A Tight Space Enhanced

Bathroom Remodel, Manchester, Michigan

A new vanity from First Design Cabinetry was a key element in this bathroom remodel. The home, in the Manchester, Michigan area, had been well lived in for many years and was urgently in need of updating. The first project scheduled was the master bathroom.

The homeowner thought the bathroom could not be enlarged. It was only 6 feet by 6 feet, with an outside wall on one side, basement stairs on another, and an adjacent bathroom on the third side. Yet David Rhoads – the founder and owner of both First Design Cabinetry and our sister company, Homeowner Services of America (HSA) – devised a way to utilize 2 feet of the master bedroom’s space to allow for the bathroom’s expansion.

The new bathroom is still only 6 feet by 8 feet – not large by today’s standards – so no door was installed. The only entrance is through the master bedroom. Careful placement of fixtures provides a measure of privacy when needed. The entryway is now arched to add interest and enhance the visual space. An oval mirror was selected to go along with the arched entry.

In addition to the new vanity, there are also a molded top and sink from Zimmer Marble, shower and doors from Sterling, a comfort-height toilet from Kohler, faucets from Delta, and tile from Beaver Tile. The ceiling is made of faux tin panels with a color-matched exhaust fan and light.

The homeowner is very pleased with the result. HSA has been invited to remodel the home’s other bathroom as well.

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