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Adding a Master Bath to History

Bathroom Remodel, Saline, Michigan

The owners of this historic home in Saline – a family with two children – had only one bathroom on the second floor for all of the home’s bedrooms. They were badly in need of a second bath, but lacked available space within the home to install one. They contacted David Rhoads – owner of both First Design Cabinetry and our sister company, Homeowner Services of America (HSA) – for assistance. They knew that David has almost 30 years of remodeling experience, has served on Saline’s Historic District Commission, and that he likes a challenge.

David walked through the home with the homeowners, discussed with them about their desires for the home, and photographed its interior and exterior. David then began to investigate the possibilities for adding the new master bath within the confines of the home, the area’s building codes, and Historic District requirements.

David offered a solution to add a small second-floor addition on the home’s left rear corner above an existing first-floor laundry/bath area. This called for the existing first-floor wall to be extended straight up to create the second-floor space while still maintaining the historic look by using the same style of wood siding. The added space is only 6 feet wide and 16 feet long. These dimensions created a challenge to design a master bath that not only looked good but also satisfied the owners’ desire for a separate tub and shower.

The result is a linear bathroom with a jetted tub across the rear wall, and a horizontal window above for privacy. Next to the tub on the inside wall is a new vanity from First Design Cabinetry. The vanity is Pearl painted maple in the Liberty style. It has bead-board panels appropriate to the age of the house.

The custom-built tiled shower is designed to fit within the available space without unduly encroaching on the walking space along this narrow bathroom. The shower’s placement required a semi-compartmentalized toilet next to the entrance to the new master bath.

The owners much admire the new master bath. They are grateful to have a space of their own, and if you didn’t know there had been an addition, you wouldn’t know it by looking at the house.

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