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Aging In Place

Bathroom Remodel, Pittsfield Township, Michigan

An Ann Arbor-area couple, advancing in age, loved the beautiful tiling and fixtures in their home’s cozy bathroom, but recognized that modifications would be needed to allow them to get around more easily within this fairly tight space.

First Design Cabinetry’s sister company, Homeowner Services of America, specializes in “aging in place.” HSA made the bathroom remodel work precisely to the couple’s mobility improving needs. And, best of all, this was done without sacrificing the room’s fine aesthetics. Smart use of new cabinetry was a key success factor.

Additional Information

Previously the bathroom’s sink rested on a vanity-style base. HSA replaced this with a pedestal sink — a Kohler product matched in design to the bathroom’s new comfort-height toilet. This opened up the space below the sink, providing easier access for the husband’s walker. However, eliminating the sink’s vanity meant that storage for the couple’s toiletries and medicines would need to be created elsewhere in the bathroom.

Time to put on our thinking caps. On the wall opposite the sink, we installed a cabinet to go through the wall, so only the cabinet’s doors show in the bathroom. The cabinet itself extends into the bedroom on the wall’s other side. There the cabinet sits atop floor-standing cabinets providing more useful storage space within the bedroom itself.

These attractive cabinets are from Diamond, one of America’s leading cabinetry makers. First Design Cabinetry is the area’s approved dealer for Diamond cabinets.