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No Bigger, but Much More Inviting

Bathroom Remodel, Saline, Michigan

This three-quarter master bath with a molded shower and a variety of colors and textures had become dated. It sorely needed refreshing. The Saline-area homeowner didn’t want to enlarge the space, but did want to make it more inviting.

First Design Cabinetry’s sister company – Homeowner Services of America (HSA), also headquartered in Saline – assisted with the design and selection of materials. These included Diamond Vibe cabinets. The counter is cultured marble, the toilet is a Kohler unit, the shower glass is from Washtenaw Glass, and the expansive and intricate use of tile is from The Tile Shop.

All construction and installation, including tile work, was completed by HSA’s highly skilled craftsmen. The end result is a tremendous improvement over the original bathroom.

Before Photos: