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Bathroom Remodel, Saline, Michigan

This Client has an elderly mother living with them who began to have difficulty traversing the stairs to her second floor bedroom. David Rhoads of HSA Remodeling in Saline was called in to help resolve that issue. The Client’s first thought was to install a stair lift device but that still didn’t resolve the small bathroom which she used, nor did it help to meet their desire for her to interact freely with other family members.

David’s walk through of the home revealed a first floor den with an adjacent powder room. While the den was large enough to serve as a bedroom, the powder room was inadequate for the mother’s needs. Fortunately, there was also a nearby closet and some hallway space that could be captured to enlarge the bathroom. This was accomplished by converting the double doors for the den to a single door and moving the entry to the bathroom from the hall to a private entry from the future bedroom.

A roll-in shower with a linear floor drain, a hand held shower and a fixed shower head was constructed in the former closet and hallway space. The shower is outfitted with the necessary assist bars and a recess for soaps, etc.. HSA Remodeling was also able to incorporate a linen closet and a large vanity to provide more than adequate storage. The cabinets are Diamond, Distinction, LaGrange maple in a white finish from First Design Cabinetry in Saline, Mi and are equipped with the quiet close doors and drawers.

As you can see from the after photos, the mother’s favorite color is blue but the family is far from blue with the new arrangement.

Before Photos: