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Kitchen Remodel, Ann Arbor, Michigan

A young couple, recently transferred from Australia, was looking at a home in northeast Ann Arbor to purchase. However, the kitchen was dated, it was not well organized, and it would not fit the requirements of their young family. The couple contacted David Rhoads – owner and president of First Design Cabinetry and our sister company, Homeowner Services of America – to obtain a quick cost estimate for expanding and remodeling the kitchen prior to making an offer on the house. David provided that estimate, then worked with the couple on the design and material selections while they were waiting on their purchase to close.

The couple selected cabinets from Diamond’s Distinction Series, Montgomery Maple, with a pearl painted finish. They also chose Corian textured counters – color: Rosemary – and stainless steel appliances. The house had oak flooring, which needed to be refinished after the years of use by the previous owners.

The project started in early August with the relocation of the refrigerator and the installation of plastic walls and floor protection around the area under construction. Many of the cabinets were re-installed in the garage to provide a work area. A portion of the non-load bearing wall between the kitchen and dining room was removed to provide visual and direct communication between those two rooms.

The cabinets were installed, followed by the Corian counters, sink, and faucets. The oak flooring was sanded, sealed, and stained to match the rest of the house, and was then given two coats of polyurethane. Appliances were installed along with light fixtures, bringing project to successful completion.

As for the remodeling project’s results? Let the homeowners’ own words tell the story:

“We are extremely satisfied with our recent kitchen remodel. The work crew was diligent, efficient, and personable. They went above and beyond what we expected. We felt very comfortable opening our home up to this team of professionals. They were courteous in working around us in the home, and very easy to talk to regarding the project.

“From design to finish, our ideas were integrated into the project along with the clear, concise planning of the professionals. We recommend you with high praise!”