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Maximize Space, Minimize Waste

Kitchen Remodel, Ann Arbor, Michigan

A homeowner in Ann Arbor was unhappy with the cabinetry arrangement in her kitchen. There was a lot of wasted space. Also, the peninsula-style upper cabinets blocked the view into the rest of the house. People sometimes bumped their heads on these cabinets when looking under them or working at the counter.

There was another factor that complicated matters: The homeowner wished to retain the kitchen’s blue countertops. This meant that any new cabinetry proposed would need to fit the same footprint.

First Design Cabinetry’s sister company, Homeowner Services of America (HSA), devised a new plan using the latest space-saving cabinetry from Diamond. This optimized storage capacity while opening up the view and keeping the same countertops.

The homeowner’s reaction? “We’re so happy with the new cabinets and the new layout. Everything – from the desk to the glass floors to the spices, and where our dishes can now be put – has been great. We can’t tell you how pleased we are.”

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