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Open, Inviting, and Light-Filled

Kitchen Remodel, Saline, Michigan

A recently married couple, combining households, wanted a more open arrangement for their Saline area home’s kitchen, dining area, and living room. They also wished to update some of their cabinetry and appliances. David Rhoads, owner of First Design Cabinetry and our sister company, Homeowner Services of America, in Saline, worked with the homeowners to select just the right Diamond Cabinets and quartz counters, and to determine which walls could be most easily moved.

The existing kitchen, like many from earlier times, had a soffit and peninsula cabinets. This effectively separated the kitchen and eating area into two separate spaces, as the “before” photos show. Both areas felt cramped and uncomfortable, especially when two were cooking.

The homeowners decided to retain some of the existing cabinets, to keep expenses down. So it was critical that the new cabinetry would be complementary in design. From the many cabinet options considered, the homeowners chose Diamond, maple, Bailey in black. Their new counters are Zodiaq Smokey Topaz with a black acrylic sink.

The remodeling project’s result, as the “after” photos show, is an open, inviting, and light-filled space. For the happy homeowners, this has made the space seem twice as large.

Before Photos: