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Modernized with a touch of Nostalgia

Kitchen Remodel, Saline, Michigan

This project, in the Saline, Mi. area, suffered from the same issues many from this time period do. In the 1950’s and 60’s, folks wanted to have privacy in their kitchens. This meant that soffits were placed so that they obscured the view from the sitting area of the house. Walls were built for the same function, at times totally closing off the area. Today, we feel the need to include our guests in the cooking process, entertaining as we create the night’s meal. The first thing that had to be done was to remove the existing cabinetry. Then the dividing soffit between the living, dining room and kitchen was removed. The soffits over the remainder of the existing cabinets were left in place to restore a touch of the past. A walk in food storage closet was removed, and a more convenient set of pull out pantry units were set aside the refrigerator in its place, also under a matching soffit. The cabinets for this project have a full slab door, further adding to the retro feel of the space, and granite in the Cranbury finish atop them complimented the color very nicely. An elongated porcelain tile was used for the flooring in the kitchen, and a dark grout tied the floor together with the counters. Hand blown glass pendant lights used above the peninsula bar completed the aesthetics. A beautiful, modern, functional kitchen, with a major flair from the past!

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