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Bathroom Remodel, News, Ann Arbor, Michigan

HSA and First Design Cabinetry completed a kitchen remodel in 2012 for this family and so they called on the same team to remodel their Master Bath in 2014.

The Master Bath had several deficiencies; a cramped toilet cubicle which made it difficult to reach the shower, dark cabinets and overall the bathroom was poorly designed and too small.

David Rhoads, the owner of both HSA remodeling and First Design Cabinetry was called upon to create a new design which would address all of the client’s concerns. David’s first reaction upon seeing the bathroom was that there was a large amount of space wasted by a hallway used to access the bathroom and a walk-in closet. He suggested moving the walk-in closet door to the end wall which eliminated the need for the hall and relocating the bathroom entry door to add 18 square feet to the bathroom.

This additional space was used to completely change the design to provide a brighter, easier to use, updated bathroom.  The old vinyl shower stall was replaced with a larger neo-angle tiled shower enclosure with clear glass upper walls and door.

The dark vanity cabinets were replaced with Diamond cabinets from First Design Cabinetry in Montgomery maple with pearl finish. The laminate counter with drop in sinks was replaced with a cultured granite top with molded sinks and splashes.

The clients were well pleased with their new Master Bath and are looking forward to their next project in the near future.

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